A Simple Guide To Web Hosting

Web hosting service makes a website available online. Before you can host a website, you need to purchase a domain name. Your domain name can have .com, .net, .org, .biz or any other domain name extension. You need a unique domain name. You have to find a name that no one owns. There is an annual domain renewal fee.

With your domain, you then host it. Normally, the seller of the domain name will also sell to you hosting. There are many types of hosting.


How Does Hosting Work

Web hosting involves three aspects:

• Server
• The internet
• Domain name

The domain name is your unique address associated with your entity. The domain name and all its content will be stored on a server owned by a web hosting company if you have paid the hosting charges. The company will make your website viewable online because the server has a stable internet connection.

Who Needs Web Hosting

Any individual or business that wants a website, needs web hosting.

• Bloggers- It will be good for a blogger to have a unique domain name that will market his brand. Such a domain name will require web hosting.

• E-commerce sellers require web hosting. It is not enough to visit ecommerceplatformreview.net so that to find the right e-commerce platform. You will also need to find the right hosting that will host e-commerce software.
• Individuals, businesses, organizations, and government agencies have to be present online. Web presence involves more than just having a social media page. There is also the need for a professional website, hosted by a good company.

Which Type of Hosting to Use

It all depends on your needs. If you are just starting out, something cheap will suffice. If you want to host a site with heavy traffic, you will need an expensive plan.

1. The Basic Hosting Plan (Shared Hosting)

You can start out with the basic plan and later upgrade when there is the need. In most cases, the basic hosting plan involves a shared server. Therefore, your website shares a server with thousands of other websites. The biggest advantage of this plan is that you pay an affordable fee. The disadvantage is that you do not have root access to the server. Thus, you cannot deploy your own software. You will have to use what the hosting company provides.

With the basic plan, there is the entire infrastructure needed to host your website. You will not have to handle any technical issues. All that you have to do is to click particular buttons so that to host your website in a matter of minutes.

The aspect of sharing a server also has another disadvantage related to IP address. All the websites hosted on a server will have the same IP address. This will become a disadvantage if there are sites on the server that have controversial or adult content. The aspect of sharing IP address will make a site to be associated with the other sites on the server. To overcome this issue, you can choose to purchase a private IP address with your purchase of basic hosting.

2. Dedicated Hosting

This is the ultimate hosting plan. It costs a lot of money. It is ideal for big business and organizations. With a dedicated plan, an organization gets an entire server. It will be up to the company to install the necessary solutions and software. The hosting company will offer technical support.

High traffic websites need dedicated hosting. This plan can be able to handle more than a million web visitors in one instance.

What Does a Website Hosting Plan Come With?

Your web-hosting plan will have a number of solutions

1. Content Management Systems (CMS) – These will make it easy for you to manage your content. Popular CMS solutions are WordPress and Joomla.

2. Domain Management Tools- These will make you manage your domain name easily. There will be a place for creating sub-domains.
3. E-Commerce Solutions- These will help you to sell online. The list of the best e-commerce solutions is available on ecommerceplatformreview.net.

4. File Directory- This is where all your files are stored.
5. Site builder, email accounts, control panel, scripts, database support, application development platforms and others.

The Bottom-Line

Web hosting is an important service. Any individual or business who desires top-notch online presence requires superior web hosting.


The Positive Difference A Reliable Web Hosting Company Can Do For Your Website

Previously individuals could only purchase their requirements from online stores from their desktop or laptop. The emergence of smartphones has changed this scene dramatically. Based on estimates, nearly 70% people depend on their smartphones to browse the net and purchase their requirements while on the move. This provides you the opportunity of increasing your sales by hosting a website. You will be surprised to know that many of your old customers, who used to purchase their requirements from your brick and mortar store, nowadays depend on online stores for purchasing their requirements.

Choosing a reputable and reliable hosting company
Registering an appealing domain name and selecting a professional web design studio to design your website and optimize it for search engines is only half the task. You need to ensure that you host your website with a company that has a proven record and offers various types of hosting packages. This allows you to start your online business using a shared server, and gradually opting for a dedicated server once your business increases. Although searching the net will provide you with details of tens of thousands of web hosting companies, each one claiming to be the best, all of them fade in comparison to Host Rocket. This company has built up a strong reputation over the years is the preferred hosting company for leading businesses.

Points to check when selecting a web hosting company
• Ensure that the company offers unlimited disk storage space as well as bandwidth. Many companies hide their FUP (fair usage policy), which effectively allows them to cap the bandwidth after consumption of a specific quantity of bandwidth per month. They also impose a limit on the disk space.
• Check if the hosting company offers an uptime of 99.99%. Do not settle for anything less than this. This means that your clients will never see the dreaded `404 site not found’ message while trying to access your website. You can rest assured that once a prospective client is unable to access your website, he will never visit your site again.
• Confirm if the hosting company applies security patches to the operating system and installs a new version of the operating system as soon as the same is released.
• Check the number of additional freebies offered by the company. Reputable hosting companies include free domain name when you purchase an annual hosting plan with them. They also include free scripts including WordPress as a part of the deal. Good hosts also offer industry standard cPanel along with their hosting plan.
• Ensure that the company you plan to host your website with offers round the clock support. This is necessary if your website goes down at odd hours.
• As your business grows, so will your requirement for additional storage space, bandwidth, and the need for a dedicated server. Ensure that the company you select allows you to upgrade your hosting plan as and when required. They should also offer you the option to purchase additional RAM as required.
• Check the number of apps offered as a part of the hosting plan. Many companies charge extra for this. However, this is not the case with Host Rocket as it offers in excess of 250 apps as a part of their hosting plan.
• This company will also design a custom website for you at down to earth prices, include domain registration, and allow you the opportunity to transfer domains too. The last point comes in handy if you are fed up with your current host and want to shift your loyalty to Host Rocket.
The tariffs of Host Rocket start from $5.99 per month for the basic package to $119 per month for dedicated hosting, which includes 8 GB memory, 15 TB bandwidth, 100 Mbps uplink, and much more. You can sweeten this deal further by using coupon codes that allow you to get up to 25% off their list prices. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If you hunt online a bit, you will find other attractive discount codes that allow you to avail more savings on their hosting plans. Instead of taking a risk by hosting your website with any other hosting agency, depend on Host Rocket, and see your online business boom within a short period.

Make Your Online Business A Success By Selecting A Reputable Web Hosting Company

Judging by the ever increasing number of companies offering top quality web hosting solutions at down to earth prices, you might believe that starting your online business is a piece of cake. However, are you aware of the credentials and the reputation of the company to whom you plan to entrust the task of hosting your website? It is a well-known fact that several such companies shut shop every week. This is why you should be extra cautious when selecting a web hosting company. You should check their credentials, the number of years they are in the business, their uptime, the knowledge of their support staff, and whether they are available round the clock. Apart from this, you should also confirm whether they offer different types of hosting plans. This offers you the opportunity by opting for a low-cost plan initially and going for higher priced plans as and when your business increases. Fat Cow is unarguably one of the leading hosting companies in the world and offers you various types of hosting plan with the cheapest one costing only $49 per year. This price includes:

• Free domain name
• Many site templates
• Sufficient bandwidth for your budding business
• Unlimited disk space
• Unlimited mailboxes
• Point and click website designing tools
• Marketing and search engine credits
• Application installation wizards
• 1 GB worth of cloud storage
• Free domain name
Popular scripts like Joomla, phpBB, and WordPress
• Shopping carts
• Round the clock customer support
• Secure socket layer server
• Free search engine marketing

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. They also offer a 30 days money back guarantee. This allows you to request for a no questions asked a full refund if you are not satisfied with their service. However, chances are remote that you will ever go for this option considering the awesome web hosting services they offer. They also provide additional applications such as Gallery2, GBook, poll tools, survey tools, and counter tools. If their price of $49 looks lucrative, it also includes:

• $100 worth of Google AdWords Bonus
• Free Yellowpages.com Listing
• Toll-free phone number
• $100 worth of Bing search marketing credits

Their user-friendly customizable control panel allows you to set up the applications with a click of the mouse button. Their PayPal cart integration and ShopSite online store is a boon if you plan to launch an online e-store. You need not worry about clients deciding whether to use their credit card details on your site, as Fat Cow includes shared secure sockets layer that encrypts data from the time it leaves the client’s computer to the time it reaches the server hosting your website. The quality of their e-commerce hosting plan is amongst the best in the industry and always finds a place of mention in websites that provide eCommerce platform review of different web hosting companies. Apart from the $49 plan mentioned above, Fat Cow offers three other types of dedicated hosting plans:

• Startup
• Professional
• Enterprise

Their startup plan is ideal for rapidly expanding medium sized businesses who need security and extra power to accommodate their growth. It is also the ideal choice for owners of eCommerce sites that have outgrown shared hosting and do not want their sites to face any disruption caused by owners of other sites on the same server. Fat Cow offers a wide range of scripts and software. Visit any site that offers ECommerce platform review – find the best ECommerce software… you can rest assured that you will find it available with Fat Cow. This hosting company is renowned for offering:

• 99.99% uptime… this means that your site is always up and running and your potential clients will never see the dreaded `404 site down’ error
• Instantaneous help through their round the clock support staff. This comes in handy when you face any problem in accessing your site or uploading files via FTP.
• A huge amount of disk space and oodles of bandwidth

If you are still not satisfied with their hosting prices, search online for Fat Cow coupon codes. These codes offer you the opportunity to claim huge discounts. Copy the code, paste it in the appropriate spot during checkout, and click on the `apply’ button. You will immediately notice a discount on the total price. Instead of depending on web hosting run by novices, go for Fat Cow… the web hosting industry professionals.

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